By Shantia Cross

On August 8th, 2018, Malcolm James McCormick, 26, otherwise known as “Mac Miller,” would perform his first and last “Tiny Desk” performance hosted by National Public Radio (NPR).

Tragically passing away on September 7th, later that year. Leaving his friends, family, fans and other musicians devastated. Fast forward a year later from August 8th, 2018, Tyrone William Griffin Jr., otherwise known as “Ty Dolla Sign,” 34, performed a beautiful tribute honouring the beloved Rap artist and his friend.

His Tiny Desk set only included one song, “Cinderella,” a collaboration sung by both artists. The beautiful song was featured on the critically-acclaimed fourth studio album by the late rapper, titled The Divine Feminine.

In addition, producer/singer/songwriter, Thundercat, 34, played the bass, while Justus West, played the guitar. During the video, Ty mentions that Thundercat and West, also played with Mac when he last performed on Tiny Desk.

The following tribute was a beautiful ode to Miller and finished with a round of applause, with Ty and his bandmates embracing one another by the end of the performance. You can watch the touching tribute below here: