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Toronto artist, Sean Leon, went from idolizing Kanye West to writing records on his latest album “Jesus is King”.

College Dropout is the first album I ever bought and is the reason I am making music today

stated Leon in an interview with 247HH back in 2016. In July, a Subreddit called YandhiLeaks was constantly announcing updates on a future Ye album; amongst those updates were pictures of Leon in the studio with Ye. And it was only until a month ago that Leon took to his social media to confirm that new Leon and Ye music is on the way.

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Me and Ye in the studio working on Jesus Is Lord + Use This Gospel — this was the first time we linked in Calabasas. I'm in Italy right now with my brothers laughing, kids from the basement man.. you know, I didn't have management until like a week ago? I was managing myself. I was writing these songs and looking to the sky with eyes full of tears pleading like give me a chance, I'll make a difference, I promise. No one wanted to sign me. I had to sign myself. I was trying to get off King St. W, in less than a year I became friends with my hero, Kanye West. It's possible. Nobody has to believe it but you, nobody has to believe in you but you. I'm not even checking for typos cause I'm not looking back, I refuse to, the future is too bright, too exciting, I'm in love. I am in love with life, I'm loving life. I'm in love with myself. I'm in love with my god and I am so grateful.. so humbled, so thankful. I was in the studio with Jay-Z and Skateboard P, and the. Kanye West in the same month! I'm from Canada! We don't get those shots! These are my heroes! It's really hitting me now. I haven't taken the time to process, there's been too much going on. Over 10 years, no one would fuck with me, and then in 6 months, everything changed. This is beyond me. As far as Sean Leon goes I'm just getting started. I wish I took more time with this! I wish I made it poetry! I live and I breathe and I fuck in poetry! This time though I had to keep it raw, I didn't want to think – I just wanted to express and I'm going to continue to express myself until my heart fails and my lungs give out. I'm in Italy right now. I wasn't supposed to make it passed 25 hahahahaha.

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Leon wrote, “Use This Gospel” in its entirety, excluding the Clipse verses. He also wrote on “Selah” and “Jesus is Lord”. Since the album’s release, it has been projected to debut at number one with nearly 300,000 units. Leon has since expressed his gratefulness to his current life and to Ye on his Instagram by revisiting his journey of trying to get off King St. W.

From writing these records on the Ye album to now being in the studio with Jay-Z and Skateboard P, Leon writes to his fans that he is energized and ready to get back to the release of his own music after working on a few other projects including Daniel Caesar’s Case Study 01.

Listen to his latest and highly anticipated record “Sorry” that released early September.