Carly Trinier

Tuesday night Tasha Angela enjoyed her second show at The Cameron House as part of a three-show residency throughout February. Accompanied by a live band and collaborator Travis Knight she performed her debut EP Hidden Gems to a packed audience. 

Hidden Gems was released February 4th under Public Records/Universal Music Canada and Quiet as Kept management, who helped her craft her sound and create a butter smooth EP from start to finish. Over the last year she has worked with producers and artists across genres to find a unique sound that could define each song on the EP. She has been intimately involved in all aspects of production, sharpening her skills as a lyricist and sitting with producers to get just the right tone for each verse and chorus.

Watching her perform, it is shocking to believe that Hidden Gems is her first collection of music to be released. It is a high risk to invest so much in such a fresh talent, but her team saw that her talent was exactly that – fresh. The smooth beats and catchy guitar riffs compliment a devastatingly beautiful voice that is remarkably fresh in the oversaturated market of R&B.

The world seems to agree, as her hit single on the Ep, “Lost in Nostalgia” has garnered almost a million views since its release in early October and is on track to becoming Toronto’s song of the summer. 

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She wraps up her residency at The Cameron House next Tuesday February 18th and we look forward to seeing what is coming next from Tasha as she continues to explode onto the R&B scene.