by Sanjeev Wignarajah

The unique collaboration is titled ‘MARKERAD’ meaning ‘marked’ in English.  Abloh spoke to Refinery29 about the inspiration of the project.

 “I want each item to bring people a sense of pride, and I want great design to be the biggest reason why you get it. It’s about elevating the anonymous, everyday icons that we use without noticing. This collaboration has been the most rigorous of any design project I’ve done.”

One of the many products I find unique in this collection is the MAKERAD Backlit artwork, USB, which sells for $99. This piece pays homage to Leonardo da Vinci who painted The Mona Lisa. It serves as a cool lighting fixture that will spruce up the living room and have that artistic flair at the same time.  

The collection drops today at Ikea locations world wide.