by Maalik Samuel

I had the absolute pleasure to join Street Voices and Manifesto for Indie Week Music Festival this past Saturday. The Joint hosted a stacked showcase of hip-hop artists from all over Canada and the United States. The artists tore up the stage for the intimate crowd, giving the audience little time between sets to recoup with one of the many whiskeys the venue was serving up. The vibes were raw, the shots were flowing and noise complaints were ignored. To say the most, it was a good f***king time.

Starting off the show, representing the young and hungry artists in the new wave of rap was Sammy D, followed by Boissinova. They definitely set the tone for the night covering a wide variety of topics throughout their tracks from disappointed parents to Halloween bangers. The one connecting string throughout was having fun doing what you were meant to do. Throughout their sets the two young artists bled passion for their music. They brought you to those after school jam vibes you know and love, and will never forget.

Sammy D – Save Us

Luxe was followed up with EPDMC902 and Pajama Pants Jeffrey who charmed the audience with their laid back east-coast summertime vibes. Their music made you want to grab a case of beer, call twelve friends and head straight to the closest lake. With exceptional wordplay and confident lyrical performance, they’re the type of rappers you want at every freestyle session to make sure the ball is never dropped and good times are had. These two knew what they were doing and did it well, all while looking cozy on stage (he was literally wearing pyjamas). 

Take Me Back – Thomas Iannucci & Monty the Hokage

Closing the night was Monty the Hokage, an artist on a humble mission to spread good vibes and positivity through his music. With his banging bedroom pop, you couldn’t help but vibe along with Monty throughout the set. If not directly inspired by, I’m sure growing up with Childish Gambino impacted his musical tastes in the best way possible, as the comparisons between the two would be too easy not to pinpoint out. Monty fuses the Camp era Gambino with the energy of Gambino’s 2018 summer hits, compressing it into his own flavour of hip-hop to be played at every smoke sesh and dorm room party. 

All-in-all the Indie Week Music Festival once again brought a back-to-back lineup of seriously talented artists with little to no following. Potential careers can be found in each and every one of them.

Maalik Samuel is a writer for Street Voices (@streetvoicesto)

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