Aprille “The Creadive” Deus

This year’s Indie Music Week was nothing short of “fun!” I am so used to watching Hip-Hop and R&B performances, that I often forget the uplifting, happy, and jiving vibe of indie music.

Montreal’s Le SKATTON CLUB – a miniature travelling orchestra that’s sound looks to re-live Rocksteady of the 60’s – lit up the E-Bola Musik Showcase. With a mixture of smoky vocals, melodic saxophone, a clean solo Gibson, and symphony of other instruments, the crowd couldn’t help but jump up and down during the whole set list.

Other days of Indie Week featured Conferences. One in particular was held at the Thompson Hotel. CD Baby’s Kevin Breuner educated local talent on “How to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign” which proved to give insight on home exposure, as well as abroad.

Needless to say, Indie Music was a great mixture of entertainment, education, and networking.