by Daniel Gonzalez

The Persian-Canadian artist drops Bomb—a sensual and infectious Pop/R&B tune. A groovy bass-line and monstrous kicks are the backbone of this song, as Afta Hill details his escapades in a ménage a troi. The tune is a reminiscent vibe of early the 2000’s pop music era with it’s strophic structure while also incorporating elements of R&B in its riffs and music motif.

Arya Safakish, known as Afta Hill is an R&B artist, singer, and songwriter who also produces under the name of Safakash. Afta was born in Tehran, Iran and came to Canada at the age of one when his parents immigrated to Canada in 1998. Currently 22 years of age, he started his career in music at the age of 12 producing under his producer name Safakash. Today he has accumulated over 10,000,000 streams. His music is prominently featured on Casey Neistat, CloudKid, Kota, Czech Sound Vibes, and Discover the Vibes.

Arya often considered a quadruple-threat has been able to nurture his long range of talents because of his unique process. He oversees every part of his music process from production and writing as well as recording, mixing and mastering. Since he is an independent artist his oversight on creating music means he has the freedom to explore and experiment with tantalizing sonic pallets.

The influence of the album stems from a time period of 1965 to 1979 in Iran which was considered the “Golden Age of Iranian Pop Music”. The sound of the golden age is one of psychedelics and heartbreak. A reflection of the times these artists spoke of vulnerability through abstract poetic writing.

Afta Hill’s Persian roots is evident in his music. He often uses short Farsi passages to introduce stories, which is common in Persian culture. Additionally, he uses a lot of vocal techniques common in traditional Persian music. An example of this is in his song “Align Yourself”, in which Afta begins the song with a traditional Iranian folk story intro. The seamless blend of experimental R&B, middle Eastern music, and lush instrumentation makes for a unique and refreshing experience.

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