This pandemic is hitting our artists especially hard. At Manifesto, we’ve always been about getting local artists and creatives paid as they build and grow their careers, and that’s especially important now.

Manifesto is mobilizing the resources it had in place for 2020 programming to get artists paid now when they need it – and we hope you’ll join us in getting them some much needed support to help get through this challenging time. Just choose the artists you’d like to donate towards, or choose General Fund and we’ll make sure your contribution goes towards other artists in this program. 100% of any donations received will go towards supporting artists who’ve lost income as a result of the pandemic, in addition to funds already committed from Manifesto’s 2020 programming budget.

More to come on how Manifesto plans to play a role to get artists the support they need and help keep vibes up as we all go through this, but we wanted to get something going right away.

If you’re an artist who’s interested in being a part of our programming this year, or a someone interested in sponsoring this series or other programming this year, please hit us up at

Stay safe people.

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